People want to hear about your storms, the days you wanted go give up but didn’t , and just kept pushing through it!

Process Orientated > Goal Orientated

Often I think we get too focused on the goal and fail to understand that it is all a process.

I am a self proclaimed GOAL DIGGER, but I have slowly come to the realisation of the importance of the journey!

So here are a few lessons I have learnt which have helped me appreciate my bumpy journey of success (which I am still on) !

1. #SameGoalDifferentStrategy  

I’m sure many of you made A New Years resolution.

4 months into the year.. how’s it going ?

I can honestly say mine wasn’t necessarily going to plan, and honestly I was disappointed with myself, until I discovered how much I had learnt. And I can honestly admit that maybe the time frame I aimed it achieve in was a tad bit unrealistic. However, I decided to change strategy!

So this may mean doing something differently , or going about something differently.
Don’t forget if you’re trying do achieve something you’ve never achieved before.. There is a lot of learning that you’re going to encounter.




2. Doesn’t Matter How Long It Takes To Get there.. Just GET THERE!

I remember in my early teens I wanted to be married by 23… Well, I’m 21 and ain’t got a boyfriend so I wouldn’t say I’m exactly on track!

But have no fear because I will be married one day.

There are so many things that may not go according to plan! You may not get the grades you needed to get on the course you wanted, or you may not get on that placement you needed to. However, have no fear, it’s not the end.

It may just take you a little longer to achieve that goal , but keep going. Keep researching and keeping working ! You will get there. It doesn’t matter how and it doesn’t matter when.




3. Who Wants A Perfect Story Anyway?

I don’t know about you, but I always imagine when I “make it” someone will ask me how I did it and I’ll take a deep breath and say something cliche like ” it was hard but it was worth it.” But honestly if your journey to success was so simple, easy and smooth, what kind of story will that make? Who will interview you for tips, advice and motivational inspiration if you just sailed through it?

People want to hear about your storms, the days you wanted go give up but didn’t , and just kept pushing through it!

The all nighters in the library, the tears you shed in frustration and the amount of times you considered changing your career path and started thinking about how life as a drug dealer or stripper couldn’t possibly that bad !

But to be honest no one even cares about your story until you make it.. So make it!