YFS One Life EP Review
Overal Impact

One Life in one word: Different

Their sound is different from than any of their previous work! They have definitely tested the water to try think outside the box – and I think It’s paid off!

Favourite Song: The way I live

I was torn between man for you ‘Man for you’ and ‘The way I live’, But Esdee on that hook, gets me every time!

Favourite Lyrics: ‘Gotta have money to handle me, cause this baby boy lifestyle is just the way I Live’

I mean honesty is the best policy right?!


South London Duo, Esdee and Hakeem have released their long awaited EP – ONE LIFE. In One Life you see a lot of growth from the two as music artists. They express their passion for success while striving for a better lives for themselves and their families.

The 11-track tape includes 3 skits; Man for you skit, Way I live skit and Adura Iya Mi Skit. The skits just add a creativity and almost tells a story throughout the tape, giving an intro to the following song. Their fun and playful style makes them appeal greatly with the younger generation afrobeats lovers!

YFS have collabourated with UK finest afrobeat producers tag Musik and GA who have also worked alongside other UK afrobeats artists such as Selecta Aff, AdeJosh and Jibbz Olowo.


Track 1 ‘Intro’ gives us ’34 secs of the YFS from beginning, including their previously released song such as ALE.

Track 2 and track 3 ‘See Me So’ and ‘Be Someone’ ft Kwamz & Flava are the dance tracks of the tape. With the fast tempos and catchy beats they guarantee to have your body moving!

Track 5 ‘Man for you’ is definitely the ladies anthem of the tape! Upbeat enough for a little body movement but smooth enough to catch a vibe to! This is Hakeem’s favourite from the EP.

Track 6 ‘The way I live Skit and Track 7 The Way I live, has been released prior to the extended play. This was voted the favourite track from the tape, on their recent Twitter poll and their

Track 8 ‘Gold Digger’  Esdee’s favourite track out of the 11. This one definately has a late night cruising vibe to it!

Track 9 ‘Toju’ translates from Yourba to – ‘Look after’ song written for their female fans!

Track 10 ‘Adura Iya Mi’ and Track 11 ‘Adura Iya Mi’ which translates to  ‘My Mothers  prayer’. This Yourba Infused song, allows the boys to embrace their african heritage and express that it’s their mothers prayer that keeps them going!


YFS received a great response at their EP Listening party with guest appearances from Kwamz & Flava and Moelogo. Fans took to twitter to express their love and appreciation for the ONELIFE EP!







Check out the Visuals for Track 3 – Be Someone ft Kwamz & Flava !

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